Visual Learning on The Go

10 March 2017

Have you experienced the boredom of sitting through a long lecture? How about hours of training in office, while you keep checking your phone underneath the table? What if the same phone had some interesting stuff to learn from?

Yes, your mobile already has a lot of cool stuff for passing your time but here we are talking about value added learning. How about turning the learning process into a fun experience? To achieve this, a tremendous amount of entertainment is being embedded in the traditional topics. The use of diverse visual elements is making the learning process simpler and more rewarding at the same time.

The Numbers speak:

Let’s have a look at some mind-blowing forecasts by Cisco:

  • IP video traffic will be 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020 
  • Broadband speeds will be nearly double by 2020
  • Mobile data traffic will increase eightfold between 2015 and 2020

Internet traffic is expected to shoot up at an accelerated pace and this will propel visual learning to new heights. Let’s look into the numerous ways visual learning has touched our lives:

Social learning:

Social Learning

When you decide to try an Italian recipe at 2 am… Who is always there to guide you at every step? No prize for guessing! It’s the internet. You can look up anything and learn as you watch it happen. Social media is flooded with visual learning content. Youtube is a repository of all sorts of visual learning content, like “How to“ or “DIY” videos. Information ranging from “How to use a spoon” to “How to fly an airplane” is available. People are using Facebook Live to share their experiences in real-time.

Most of the learning content is free and there is no eligibility criteria except for some age restrictions. Anyone can learn and anyone can teach. This also means that you should make sure to use only trusted and authentic sources for learning.

Have a doubt? You can ask any question on a forum and get help for a better problem solving. Visual group discussions facilitate group learning. Social learning also brings in new viewpoints. Employees can share screens and white boards during knowledge sharing and brainstorming sessions. All this is facilitated by video conferencing platforms like Skype, Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting etc. This visual part keeps the employees more engaged in the meeting and results in better understanding.

Mobile learning: 

Mobile Learning

You must have seen people staring at their screens at signals, in metros or in elevators. When you watch a “2 Min. Mug Cake Recipe” posted on your favourite Facebook page, that’s visual learning on the go. Sometimes you don’t even turn on the volume and it’s purely visual. 

According to Wikipedia, India ranks second in the world for the number of mobile phones in usage i.e. 81/100 citizens. Mobile users access their mobiles several times a day. The internet has become the backbone of visual learning and mobile offers an easy availability of content for ready reference.

Today, you have access to an enormous pool of mobile apps & games. Some games help you with vocabulary, others may sharpen your mathematical skills. All types of organisations like banks, retail stores and educational institutes have developed mobile apps to keep their customers, employees or students well informed. Plethora of apps are available for Project management, Diet management, News and what not? You name it and they have it! 

All the content developed for mobile phone users is customised accordingly. These apps and games have brought in “Learn while you have fun” approach with engaging visuals, gaming levels and competitions. 

Mobiles are personal devices and can be used as per personal preference. It is an easy to use and handy device, readily available for learning anytime, anywhere.

Evidently, the synergy of social media and mobile phones has made visual learning omnipresent. Your mobile and the access to social media both are available in your pocket. Consciously or unconsciously you are learning visually while browsing through interesting content. This easy access and smooth learning is a boon to all those who seek knowledge.