V-learning in Education

11 September 2017

Today, learning is not just confined to textbooks and classrooms. Widespread Internet usage has allowed for modern learning techniques to take over the education sector. The new method of learning, called visual learning, is not here to replace teachers rather an opportunity for them to make the most out of technology for imparting knowledge, skills and attributes. Visual learning enhances the learning process as interactive effects are used to reinforce the material being studied. By using visual learning, an audience is better served when they are provided certain elements that classroom notes or text cannot fully convey. These visual elements include video, graphs, images and charts. The audience is therefore capable of retaining more information through visual learning.Some forms of visual learning include: Digital classrooms A traditional classroom transforms into a digital one when technology becomes a part of the learning process.


 Benefits of digital classrooms in education



The various instructional styles involved in this method promote a high degree of student-teacher engagement. A technology-enabled classroom also helps students deepen their understanding of content through active learning exercises, activities, labs, and other applications. In this digital era where technology has made its way to the rural areas as well, digital classrooms can benefit a large number of students.


 Visual Learning in classrooms


Video based learning Videos are an interesting way of teaching lengthy and boring topics. They give you the flexibility to break a lesson into short videos so that learners find it easy to grasp the information and understand it far more effectively than concepts taught through traditional learning. Studies have shown that students find it easier to learn when more than one of their senses is engaged. This is one of the foremost reasons why video based learning is extremely effective. The interactivity involved in this method makes learning fun, entertaining and leisurely.


 Impact of video technologies in classroom


Game based learning This method is also called gamification of learning. Here, we use game mechanics in a non-game context to engage users and solve problems. These games can be based on subject matter or focus on developing the child’s cognitive abilities.


 What is game Based Learning?


When a course is designed in an interactive and fun way using multimedia, it also adds to the relative lifetime of the course material in question. However, gamification is much more than just adding rewards, points, and badges to processes to motivate people. The instructional design is an important element in making it successful..


 Gamification and Game-based Learning in Education


Visual learning methods can help in removing the inconsistency between teaching styles and learning styles. Which means, an improvement in the performance of students. It has been proved by various studies that students learn better from visual learning. Therefore, an improved balance between verbal and visual techniques would produce significantly improved learning outcomes and benefits for thousands of students.