V-learning application areas

11 October 2017

V-learning has penetrated to every industry imaginable as a powerful medium to impart training. Training is an ongoing need for every sector and with V-learning, a one time investment can generate long term benefits. Here are some application areas where V-learning works as an important training tool

Customer service training

In today’s cut throat competition, customer services play an important role in creating a good impression of a company. This is why more and more organisations are investing in quality customer training programs. By offering customer service training to employees they are able to drive sales and give them a strong competitive advantage. Customer service training incorporates teaching employees the knowledge, skills, and competencies required to increase customer satisfaction. V-learning is an essential tool which provides these skills and competencies without costing a lot to the company. As far as learners are concerned, a main advantage of V-learning in customer service training is that participants can be scheduled for training according to individual time preference.

Sales Training

Sales training A good sales training has multiple benefits like increase in activity levels, sales volumes and order size. There are also additional benefits to training such as improved sales force retention, improved employee motivation and engagement, and a greater receptiveness to change. If your aim is to sharpen the capabilities and build new skill sets of the salesforce, V-learning is an ideal way to do so. Good online sales training thoroughly prepares employees for sales success by enabling employees to gain expertise and practical knowledge about successful selling, give confidence to the learner, and provide them with the skills necessary to succeed.

Customer training

Customer training allows you to reduce support costs, acquire new customers and build loyalty in existing customers. By sharing engaging video-based content, you can provide your customers the support they need. It also reduces costs and increases customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention. What’s more, online customer training is a great way to gain product/service feedback. Safety training Training employees in safety procedures become a lot more convenient with V-learning especially when the employees are scattered all over the world. It helps in saving costs and at the same time quick dissemination of the information among a large number of people. IT training The Information Technology (IT) industry is fast paced and constantly goes through innovation. This makes ongoing training a necessary thing for the IT professionals. With V-learning training programs, employees can be kept on the cutting edge which is an absolute necessity for any business’s survival in today’s marketplace.

IT training:

IT training programs respond to learners’ needs taking into account the desired knowledge and ability. Integrated online learning may include virtual classroom interaction, individual assessment, online video, and multimedia that make learning more effective. Blended learning may also integrate face to face sessions and class interaction.

Product training

Whenever a new product is introduced by a company, training the employees on its features is an important task which is time consuming and costly. With face-to-face training, there is more at stake for the company. Employee productivity drops when employees are spending many hours sitting in training rooms during work hours, and when the benefits of that training are not trackable it hardly seems worth the effort. V-learning solves all of these problems by being available to the employee in his/ her own free time, and saving the company the costs of bringing in a trainer, renting spaces for training, travel expenses involved and lost productivity. Also, V-learning program can be tailored to suit the needs of employees who are located in different countries.

Healthcare training

Like IT, healthcare is another sector where continuous training is deemed compulsory. It’s essential for healthcare professionals to stay updated through regular training. However, in the busy world of healthcare, finding time to train staff can prove to be difficult. Their roles are often invaluable and it can be hard to find a convenient time to take them out of their work environment for training purposes. V-learning solves this problem by helping healthcare professionals to receive training at any time, from anywhere, on any device, reducing lost time and less productivity