The Latest Trends in Visual Learning

26 February 2017

Fuelled by high-speed internet, social media and, mobile phones visual learning has spread like an epidemic. It is being widely adopted in every sector and has become a synonym for advancement. Just like the added entertainment factor, technologies have also redefined the learning experience.

Artificial Intelligence: 


Have you ever played chess with a computer? This was the basic use of Artificial Intelligence. AI is the ability of a computer to take the most suitable action after evaluating a situation.

Today, when you communicate with Siri or Cortana you are dealing with artificial intelligence. Ask them anything and they bring the information right in front of your eyes.

During a test, AI can evaluate your current answer and increase/decrease the difficulty level of the next question. AI can be used to gauge your knowledge levels and provide visual learning content accordingly. AI can also analyse your learning patterns and design a learning path for you accordingly. Basically, AI can be your virtual mentor by understanding what you need to learn and bringing it to you from all possible sources.

Though it is still in its early stages of development, AI has proliferated in all spheres of our lives. Let’s wait for Google’s upcoming self-driving car and hope it bring more wonders of AI and visual learning for us.

Augmented Reality (AR): 


You want to know about something? Let your camera see it and you have all the information on your screen. Augmented Reality is like a technological dream come true. It adds information to our world in the most wonderful way. 

Did you play Pokemon Go? You already know that it became a huge sensation. AR in gaming was welcomed with open arms by the public. After gaming, AR is going to be the next big thing in visual learning and it has already set its foot in many sectors. 

You can just scan a topic name and instantly watch a faculty explain it to you. A worker can watch simple steps to repair/operate a complex machine with all its parts labeled through AR. You can instantly learn about a new locality using GPS with your camera. Just scan the Charminar and learn its history in real-time! No doubt, AR has proved to be a breakthrough technology in learning.

The best kind of visual learning happens when the real world object is in front of the learner. Anyone can learn from any location through this interactive medium. Surgeons can perform surgeries in a controlled environment with all the details like X-ray, MRI reports etc visible on the screen. A fighter pilot cannot afford to look down on displays during the flight, so all the crucial information like altitude, wind speed, coordinates etc is made available in front of his eyes through AR. This learning is a definitely a performance enhancer for him.

There is a gigantic amount of potential in this technology and leading companies like Aurasma, Metaio etc are promoting AR in the most amazing way.


Want to fly a plane? Just put your VR headset on and learn to fly! Get transported into a different world with Virtual Reality! And you can experience all the learning without burning a hole in your pocket or putting your life in danger. Astronomy students can learn about the solar system while watching it move around them. In the healthcare sector, surgical trainings can be undertaken in a risk-free environment with VR. Learn while you travel around the world through VR. If you work on automobile design or architecture, VR can eradicate the need for developing a physical prototype.

You could be standing next to Virat Kohli watching him closely, when he hits a six. Eon Sports is already using VR for sports trainings. A virtual walk through the stadium during a match would facilitate your training. Today you can watch match highlights in VR, it is provided by NEXTVR. ESPN predicts that in a couple of years, VR will become the standard way of watching soccer. Leaders in the VR domain like Microsoft Hololens, Oculus etc are still developing this technology since it is in its nascent stage.

Both AR & VR have redefined reality for us by blending the virtual and real worlds together. Although these technologies have still not reached their peaks, but they have introduced us to an experiential learning. Only time will tell how further will they creep into our lives. According to the predictions for 2017 by Forbes, AR and VR will become mainstream in the coming year. With the ever increasing internet speeds, enormous amount of engaging content and immersive experiences like AR and VR, visual learning is all set to shape our lives 

Learning is a continuous process and so is evolution. Let’s embrace the change and make the most out of the learning experiences this world has to offer. Spread your wings and grab the amazing opportunities visual learning offers you today.

Happy Learning!!