ISRO finds a unique space in the Orbit!

15 February 2017

The tourism to Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh might improve drastically from now on as it became the stage for one of India’s significant achievements in space research. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has just created history by launching 104 satellites on a single rocket from the spaceport in Sriharikota. This is the most number of satellites ever launched in a single mission and it surpassed Russian Space Agency’s 2014 record of 37 satellites. One year after Russian Space Agency’s achievement, ISRO themselves had launched 23 satellites on a single mission. If that were sign of things to come!




The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle C-37, with a launch mass of 320000 kilograms took off at 9:28 am on February 15, 2017 from the first launch pad at Satish Dhawan Space Centre. The countdown for the event started 28 hours before on February 14th, 5:28 am. A day after Valentine’s Day, probably this was India’s greeting card for the space! Of the 104 satellites, 96 belong to US, one each from Holland, Switzerland, Israel, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates and 3 from India. The first to take off was India’s own Cartosat – 2 series satellite which has a mission life of five years. Among its many other uses, the satellite is supposed to deliver images that would smoothen coastal land use and its regulation, road network monitoring and water distribution. Cartosat -2 was followed by ISRO’s nano satellites INS-1A and INS-1B which carried four different payloads from Space Applications Centre (SAC) Ahmedabad and Laboratory for Electro Optic Systems (LEOS) Karnataka and it will be used for conducting different experiments. 1A carried Surface Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function Radiometer and 1B carried Earth’s Exosphere Lyman Alpha Analyser as payloads. It was then followed by the launch of 101 nano satellites of International customers. This launch of international satellites is done as per the arrangement of Antrix Corporation Limited, a commercial wing of ISRO to promote its technologies, services and launches. The entire launch lasted for 28 minutes.


ISRO chairman A S Kiran Kumar congratulated the entire team of ISRO for this magnificent achievement. Praises are showering in from all parts of the nation including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Pranab Mukherjee. This is not the first time ISRO has made the nation proud. With earlier missions such as Mars Orbiter Mission, Chandrayan and Mission PSLV C-28, ISRO is continuing to be a giant influence in World Space Research. From Philosophy to Mathematics, Science, Literature, Arts and Spirituality, India’s contribution to the world over thousands of years is massive. Even in this 21st century, India is not ready to hold back. It still continues to amaze the world!


Image courtesy : ISRO