Evolution of learning

11 February 2016

Human evolution owes its existence to the evolution of Learning. Without Learning there wouldn’t have been a distinction between human beings and other organisms. It is what gives human beings the ability to understand life, the ability to survive.

Human beings have always found themselves discovering better ways of Learning at each stage of evolution. It all started with the pictorial language, which dates back to the stone age. Human beings would convey their stories through figures drawn in the caves.History has it that human beings have had the need to constantly improve means of communication. After being unsatisfied with the non-verbal language, human beings developed written language which unlike non-verbal language, could be exchanged among other human beings through metal leaves.

It is a well known fact that human beings quickly get bored of one system and explore new possibilities. In Learning it was dramas and other art forms. But not until the invention of paper in 100 BC, was there a major shift in the Learning paradigm. With Johannes Gutenberg’s ground-breaking invention of Printing Press, paper and writing got its actual form. This is when tons of knowledge was exchanged through books, papers and newspapers.

Evolution of learning

The invention of Radio and later Cinema, further popularized the audio-visual communication for Learning.  This added new dimensions to the Learning, which was till now limited to just reading and writing. But nothing like the introduction of World Wide Web (www) which added interactivity, the most important aspect of Learning to the scenario. People could now not only learn but also get involved in the Learning.

Now the world wide web was on board but people could only see flat images. This was not as effective as the next big thing — the StereoScopy, which added depth to the images, taking Learning to a whole new level. Panoramic videos further enhanced interactivity by giving the learners a 360º view of the subjects on screen.All these inventions could sure improve Learning process. But the next question was how would such large-sized data be shared? That’s when Cloud Computing came to the rescue. With cloud computing one could share and access study data even with mobiles and tablets.

This isn’t the end. Next Generation technology are hitting the market to make Learning easier and enjoyable. One such invention was the recent one by Technical University of Denmark which allows people to download as big as 43 TB data in just one second. Interactive gadgets like Google Glasses, Osmo, Leapmotion are bringing new innovations to the Learning scenario.

Phew! There’s no stopping human beings! Now all we can do is wait for the next big invention in Learning.