Corporate e-Learning

25 November 2016

Before e-Learning came into place, corporate training programs were regarded as a break from daily work routines for a majority of professionals, rather than a knowledge transfer exercise. However, today the definition of corporate training has changed. With the technology penetrating fast into our lives, corporate training has become more interactive and professionals are becoming more responsive.

Corporate e-learning, LearnStudio

Corporate e-Learning is mainly in the form of blended learning. It allows you to give your employees the best of both worlds. Moreover, it allows you to have complete control over how, when, and where you want to train your employees, in order to help them develop their skill sets and thus boost their work performance. A blended learning strategy can benefit your employees, as a variety of learning approaches can stimulate their interest and increase their engagement, and has also been proven to increase their productivity levels. Let’s take a look at some benefits of e-Learning for corporate training.

  • Going online means ease of access. Especially for busy working individuals, online courses/training comes as a blessing. Whether you allow employees to take classes during their workday or fit it in to their busy evenings, online classes are available whenever your employees have time to take them. They can work at home, while they are traveling, and when they may have downtime at work.
  • In today’s corporate world where time is money, e-Learning saves time. People do not have to drive to classes, which can seem like a waste of time. Instead, when they have a few minutes, they can open their computer and get started.
  • e-Learning is cost-effective. It costs you less to go online because you do not have to pay for professionals to come into your office to work with your employees. Also, they do not require classrooms and other expenses that live classes entail.
  • It’s easy to use from multiple devices. All you need is an internet connection.
  • There are variety of training programmes available for the employees for every department. No matter what you want your employees to learn, you should have no problem finding courses online to help your employees.
  • E-learning makes it easier to understand concepts and methods than traditional approach. This means greater retention by the employees and ability to utilise these learnings in their respective roles.

e-Learning in corporates has become a popular tool for training and development of employees. Apart from several benefits discussed above, it helps you measure the effectiveness of your overall training program, as feedback from employees cannot only be used as an indication of their performance levels, but also as a training strategy evaluation tool. Also, employees are able to review their progress, weaknesses, and strengths.